VerifyKit is a verification solution which allows your users to sign up for your app seamlessly, without the need for a phone number and one-time password for verification. Besides being reliable and customizable, it lets your users choose their preferred platform - i.e. WhatsApp, Telegram or SMS - for verification.

VerifyKit is a global solution. Verifications using WhatsApp and Telegram are available throughout the world. Our SMS verification service is available in more than 230 countries.

*Click to see the list of countries where we offer our SMS verification service.

VerifyKit supports around 40 languages in verifications for mobile apps.

We currently provide our service in Turkish and English in verifications for website platforms.

If you have one application and require less than 10,000 verifications per month, you may choose our Starter Plan and use VerifyKit for free. This free version supports WhatsApp and Telegram for verifications.

If you have multiple apps or require more than 10,000 verifications per month, and want to include the SMS verification option along with WhatsApp and Telegram, you’ll need our Professional Plan. The Professional Plan is a paid plan.

If you have more than one app, you can manage them all with our Professional Plan. As a Professional Plan subscriber, you can also verify via SMS as well as WhatsApp and Telegram.

You can currently verify via WhatsApp, Telegram and SMS. If you choose our Starter Plan, you can use WhatsApp and Telegram for verification. As a Professional Plan subscriber, you can also use SMS verifications.

With our Starter Plan, you won’t pay any fees for one app and up to 10,000 WhatsApp and Telegram verifications.

As a Professional Plan subscriber, you can use VerifyKit for as many apps as required and will be charged $7.90 for each WhatsApp and Telegram verification along with a service charge of $0.001 for each app per month. If SMS verification is included, a service charge will be collected. (This charge may vary depending on the country and GSM operator.)

Any charges will be taken directly from your VerifyKit account, using money you have deposited in U.S. dollars.

The VerifyKit account will be displayed to your users by default. You may consider using a WhatsApp Business Account if you would like your users to see your own branding in WhatsApp verifications. This is an additional service you can add onto your VerifyKit Professional Plan.

If you use a WhatsApp Business Account, your app's users will see your brand and logo (not VerifyKit branding) as part of WhatsApp verifications.

When the number of verifications per month exceeds 10,000, you must upgrade to our Professional Plan to keep verifying. Once you’ve upgraded to the Professional Plan, you will then automatically continue with this plan, even if the number of verifications fluctuates sometimes.

You can pay by credit card currently. We are working to include other alternative payment methods.

VerifyKit makes no unauthorized charges to your credit card. You can deposit as much money as you want to your VerifyKit account. The system uses the money you have deposited in the form of account credits. When you use VerifyKit services, we will collect payments from your account balance when needed.

VerifyKit is a platform that allows multiple users to operate within one VerifyKit account. You can authorize as many people as necessary for adjustments and performance tracking after you connect your app on VerifyKit. You may modify these user authorizations at any time.

VerifyKit has been designed to grant financial authorization only to the account owner. Hence, only the account owner is authorized to connect an app. After you connect your app, you can give authorization to your developer for app integration.

If you verify using the WhatsApp Business Account, you can send messages to your users in the first 24 hours after verification. These messages increase the interaction between your users and your app. WhatsApp does not set any limit on the number of messages you can send to your users in the first 24 hours. However, please remember it’s important to keep the number of messages at a level that will not disturb your users.

You can use VerifyKit for both mobile apps and web-based apps.

You can instantaneously track the number of verifications via the dashboard display and customize your reports according to categories such as operating system, app, verification channel and more.

Aside from the number of verifications, you can track your verification costs instantaneously on the dashboard display.

Sure. You can change the verification channels at any time by selecting the app that requires channel adjustment.