Explore the features of VerifyKit.


Done in 6 seconds

Welcome your users back into your app in 6 seconds. Let your users pick their favorite verification method and voila! Your verification code appears in their chosen IM app instantly.

All the user has to do is tap the Send button and he/she goes right back into your app. The verification is complete in three clicks and 6 seconds.

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Low Costs

VerifyKit helps you cut the cost and save money thanks to alternative phone number verification methods it offers. While SMS verification prices may be as high as 1 USD, VerifyKit helps you save money by choosing the most affordable verification method for you.


Easy as Pie

Quick integration with our concise documentation. Complete your integration with a few simple steps in minutes.

Customer Experience

Excellent Customer Experience

Offer your users a stellar number verification experience with VerifyKit’s intuitive interface. Complete the verification process in just a few seconds and let your users back into your app in no time.

Success Rate

85% Verification Success Rate

Our verification flow is much more seamless than traditional methods, and the success rate is much, much higher. 85% of users complete the flow without any issues.

Session Message

New Communication Channels

After a verification using WhatsApp, you can use the “Session Message” feature to reach out to your customers for 24 hours, gaining another useful channel. Increase your app sessions, offer more in-app promotions, and boost your in-app purchase conversions.