Why VerifyKit?

Compare One Time Password and VerifyKit


75 seconds on average

To verify, the user enters their phone number and waits to receive a one-time password. To see the password, the user must open their SMS messaging app. He or she has to keep the password in mind while returning to your application. The user then inputs the one-time password and completes the verification process.
With this method, users must navigate to different screens, resulting in around 20 clicks/taps on average.

6 Seconds on Average

The user selects the verification method they prefer. Their selected messaging platform is opened automatically upon receiving a verification code.

All the user needs to do is click the ‘send’ button and return to your application.

VerifiyKit allows users to complete the verification process in a matter of seconds and with only 3 clicks.



Verification by SMS is costly. Because of operator fees and high profitability expectations, the global average SMS price is $0.06. If you need to verify lots of users, your costs will soon add up.

Low Cost

VerifyKit is cost-effective, with low prices being at the heart of the service.

The VerifyKit Starter Plan is free forever, and the Professional Plan is ten times less costly than verification via SMS.



SMS verification requires some level of expertise. Integration can be difficult if you don’t use a ready-made infrastructure.


Integration is simple thanks to VerifyKit’s easy-to-understand API/SDK documentation for developers.

Customer Experience

Tedious & Time Consuming

A one-time password experience requires the end user to take lengthy, additional steps during verification. This creates frustration even before the user gets to use your app.

Seamless & Quick

VerifyKit offers your users an outstanding customer experience, helping them to feel positive about your app from the start. Verification is completed smoothly and swiftly in just a few seconds.

Success Rate

71% Verification Rate

A difficult experience can cause users to abandon the verification step process. Only 71% of users complete the process in SMS verification.

85% Verification Rate

The verification flow is exceptionally straightforward, so the success rate is much higher. 85% of users who start the process with VerifyKit complete verification.

Session Message

Not Possible

With SMS verification requiring a one-time password, there’s no opportunity to send a session message to new users.

Entirely Possible

With VerifyKit, you can send session messages to your users within the first 24 hours of them verifying. This helps you to build a rapport with new users and get your relationship with them off to a great start. If you have in-app purchases or are selling a product, session messages can also boost your conversion rates.