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Meditopia is a wellness app with its content produced by mental well-being professionals. Being one of the top global apps in its category, Meditopia has more than 5 million users in 60 countries. Thanks to the VerifyKit integration, our successful verifications increased significantly while verification costs decreased by 70%.

We also can use our brand name and logo in the verification process, helping us increase our brand's engagement with our users post-verification.

Berk CEO



Getcontact is a global app with 50+ million downloads. This much scale also means high level cost of verification. VerifyKit has reduced our verification costs by up to 85%. On top of this, VerifyKit's seamless experience has helped reduce our marketing costs significantly for customer acquisition

Today, almost every user has either WhatsApp or Telegram on his or her phone - verifying them by SMS is old-fashioned.

Samuel Owner

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