You can find VerifyKit Service prices below.

It is free forever for one app and up to 10K verifications per month via WhatsApp or Telegram.
Please be aware that we will charge you monthly for each of your mobile applications after you upgrade your account to our Professional Plan.

App integration
$7.90 per month
Verification price via WhatsApp & Telegram
$0.001 per verification
Contact us for custom pricing if you expect more than two million verifications per month. You can find the SMS verification prices below.

At VerifyKit, we continuously try to find the most reasonable prices by working in collaboration with several SMS providers to minimize your SMS costs.

The price may vary based on the country or telecom carrier for the destination phone number. When we have to increase SMS prices will notify you in advance. Also, you can find the updated real-time pricing on this page.

Certification and set-up (Cloud hosting fee for first month is included)
Cloud hosting
$59.00 per month
A monthly cloud hosting fee applies for users without our certification service.
Using API
$0.002 per message
Using scheduled messaging
$0.003 per message