VerifyKit offers users a top-up payment system which is integrated with a third-party payment provider.

Our top-up payment system works as a pay-as-you-go system; whereby you can add at your discretion the desired amount of credit to your account. We do not store the credit card/debit card information you have used during the payment process. For your security, we may request the security code of your credit card, called CVV, and the expiration date of your credit card each time you make a payment request. Since this information is not stored by us, it will always be requests from you during the payment process. If you have any requests regarding your payment, these requests will be met by third party service provider. You can find and review our Privacy Policy here to learn more about how your payment information is collected, processed and stored.

Last modified: 07 July 2022

VerifyKit understands the importance of seamless transactions that is why we organize our Services and pricing systems to be most convenient for you.

We would like to point out that our verification service can be used by your users in various ways:

If you prefer to use VerifyKit via WhatsApp for verification purposes, depending on your preference, you may choose either (i) our standard service via VerifyKit WhatsApp Business account or (ii) purchasing of additional service of WhatsApp Business Account via VerifyKit with a Special WhatsApp Number to be allocated for you.

In respect of the WhatsApp verifications conducted with our VerifyKit standard service, mobile phone number of your users are being verified via the VerifyKit WhatsApp Business Account. In contrast, in respect of WhatsApp Business Account in the name of your brand purchased through VerifyKit, verifications are made via a Special WhatsApp Number exclusively allocated to your brand.

Each verification transaction is charged pursuant to the fee policy determined by WhatsApp LLC for each country. In case you use a Special WhatsApp Number, server service fee shall also apply on the basis of your monthly verification amount, in addition to the fees to be applied per each verification.

Server service fee varies in accordance with the WhatsApp verification amount and we will charge you an additional server fee for every 100.000 verification. If you wish to verify via SMS instead of using WhatsApp, we will charge you per SMS for each verification. SMS fees may vary depending on your location, SMS receiving country and operator. You can find our price list for detailed information once you create a VerifyKit account.

In addition to the above verification method, we also have the following verification services for your users to use:

WhatsApp OTP: Your users will be able to complete the verification process by entering the one-time code they will receive via WhatsApp in the relevant step on the VerifyKit screen.

Verify by SMS: Your users will be able to complete the verification process by entering the one-time code they will receive via SMS in the relevant step on the VerifyKit screen.

Inbound SMS: Your users will be able to verify their numbers by sending the one-time code generated by VerifyKit to their VerifyKit number via SMS. In this method, a message will be sent by your users. For this reason, your users may be charged according to their own tariff.

Flashcall: Your Android users who give call permission will be able to complete the number verification process by receiving a short call for a few seconds. We would like to point out that in this method, the user's phone will not ring and a counter will be completed on the VerifyKit screen during the call phase.

Outbound Call: VerifyKit will drop a call to your Android and iOS users from a number that belongs to it. Your users will complete the verification process by entering the caller's number or a few digits of that number on the screen. We would like to point out that in this method, a call occurs so short that the user cannot answer the phone. Even if your user picks up the phone, the call will end immediately. Although the call will be terminated immediately if the users pick up the phone, your users may be billed for the said short call.

Verification services offered (for example, our Flashcall and Outbound Call and Verify by SMS and Inbound SMS services) are performed by third party service and intermediary service providers in domestic and according to the services we can provide in abroad region.

We would like to point out that our Flashcall, Outbound Call and Inbound SMS prices may vary depending on the country and operator, as is the case with Verify by SMS and WhatsApp verification.

Our service fees shall be subject to any mandatory charges or applicable taxes in accordance with local laws. We shall inform you of the breakdown of costs related to our service fees during each transaction. Our default currency for our service fees shall be calculated in US Dollars unless an equivalent local currency option is made available to you depending on your jurisdiction.

You represent and warrant that you have the legal right to use all payment method(s) represented by any such payment Information. The amounts due and payable by you for top-up through the Services will be presented to you before you place your order. If you choose to initiate a top-up via our Services, you authorize us to provide your payment Information to our third-party service providers so we can complete your transaction and agree to pay the applicable fees. All payments made are non- transferable except as expressly provided in this Policy.

If you have any concerns or objections regarding your purchase, you agree to raise them with us first and you agree not to cancel any credit card or third-party payment processing charges unless you have made a reasonable attempt at resolving the matter directly with VerifyKit. Please be aware that, any monetary claims made by you, will be directed to our third-party payment processor.

VerifyKit reserves the right to not process or to cancel your order in certain circumstances, for example, if your credit card is declined, if we suspect the request or order is fraudulent, or in other circumstances VerifyKit deems appropriate in its sole discretion. VerifyKit also reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to take steps to verify your identity in connection with your order. You may need to provide additional information to verify your identity before completing your transaction (such information is included within the definition of Payment Information). VerifyKit will either not charge you or refund the charges for orders that we do not process or cancel.